Cunning Force Games
Based in Los Angeles, California

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March 2013


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Space Safari
Magical Brickout




Cunning Force Games was established in early 2013 by Kevin Chow and Mark Del Rio, two fellow gamers who combined their technical and artistic talents with the goal of creating new and exciting video games for multiple platforms. Our motto best summarizes what we hope to achieve: "We make games that are easy to pick up, challenging to master, and always fun to play!"


Magical Brickout

Magical Brickout was born out of a desire to make a fun, addictive, puzzle/casual game. Using our combined technical and artistic skills Kevin was able to create a working demo of the game with Unity 5's 2D tools. Mark was able to create all of the art assets in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and the in-game backgrounds painted in Corel Painter. The game is being created on a budget of close to $0 using software and equipment we already own.

The inspiration behind Magical Brickout comes from two other classic puzzle/casual games – Peggle and Breakout. After spending many countless hours in both of those games, I (Mark) never really felt like I had enough control over the ball. No matter how well I "aimed" it always seemed to head in unintended directions. This led to frustration and disappointment at times.

With Magical Brickout our goal was to create an experience where the player is always in control. By manipulating the ball through the play area every "hit" and "miss" is directly on your shoulders (no blaming the computer this time). Combined with realtime, fast-paced gameplay this generates a euphoric feeling of success when you win and a strong emotional crush when you lose. It's easy to pick up but challenging to master and, according to our playtesters, very addictive.

Space Safari

Space Safari is a 2.5D action adventure platformer created with the tradition of classic platformers such as Mega Man and Metroid in mind. It features six unique levels with alternate paths and upgrades for lots of re-playability. Players will spend the entire game driving around in the ATKV-1 (All Terrain Kill Vehicle) exploring the planet Volotor and attacking enemies with all sorts of weaponry.

Level design, though linear, branches off at multiple points leading to alternate paths. Some of these paths run nearly the entire length of the level and may feature different enemies and challenges. Players can also revisit completed levels with all of their unlocked upgrades intact to search out more hidden paths and secret collectibles. Each level ends with a unique boss to fight.



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