Animated Multi-Function Spaceship with Interior

Animated Multi-Function Spaceship with Interior

This package includes an animated spaceship with modular attachments. This spaceship also comes with an optional interior. Also included are an animations demo scene and a scene with all prefabs displayed.

Key Features

  • Modular attachments (cannons, rockets, searchlights)
  • Animated landing gears, engines, cannons, pilot and gunner seats, cockpit doors, hatch doors, ladders, and interior props (can be customized in Unity)
  • 4096px texture resolution (set to 2048 by default)
  • Unity 3/4 versions – Includes diffuse (with specular in alpha channel), normal, and illumination maps
  • Unity 5 version – Includes albedo, metallic, normal, and emission maps

Version 1.2 Documentation

Video | v1.2 Video | Animations Demo

– Added various interior props with animations
– All included textures are now 4K (set to 2K by default)

– Windows are now separate from the frames
– Added interior with animations
– Added Unity 5 version with PBR textures