Animated Sci-fi Crates & Barrels

Animated Sci-fi Crates & Barrels

A sci-fi game without crates and barrels is like a slice of bread without peanut butter and jelly. Fill those levels with some high quality custom crates and barrels. Our package includes a variety of animated and static crates, containers, and barrels. Also included are an animated demo scene and a scene with all prefabs laid out.

Key Features

  • 10 prefabs (5 animated crates, 1 crate with removable lid, 1 animated container, 1 animated barrel, 2 static barrels)
  • Barrel_01 is Unity tintable
  • Animations can be customized in Unity
  • Texture resolutions range from 1024px to 2048px
  • Includes diffuse (with specular in alpha channel), normal, and illumination maps


Animation Demo