Modular Ancient Alien Pillars

Modular Ancient Alien Pillars

A modular set of ancient alien pillars. Comes with pre-built configurations and allows for an endless number of configurations. Includes three demo scenes.

Key Features

  • 49 meshes
  • 97 prefabs
  • 28 unique configurations pre-built
  • Broken pieces can be put back together seamlessly
  • Two LOD stages for the parts for Pillars 1 and 2
  • All models share one texture/material for reduced draw calls
  • 2K PBR textures
  • Highest poly mesh only has 352 tris and 400 verts


Check out our destructible pillars demo created with pieces from this asset.


Free Version

Free version with a few models included in the full version is also available.

Free Version Documentation


Full Version Changelog

v1.1 (Unity 5)
– Added Unity 5 version
– Updated textures (PBR)

– Now includes Destructible Pillars Demo