Modular Sci-fi Wall Electronics

Modular Sci-fi Wall Electronics

Environments in games are a key part of immersion. Do you have too many empty looking walls in your sci-fi levels? Fill that space with wall electronics! This low-poly modular set of sci-fi wall electronics includes configurable double-sized holographic screens, conduits, a control panel, and more. Package also includes two demo scenes, and a scene with all prefabs laid out.

Key Features

  • 35 prefabs, including 2 animated doors, 1 floor and 4 wall textures
  • Easily replace holographic and control panel screen images with custom images
  • Adjustable holographic screen color, scan line size and scrolling speed, and flickering rate
  • Adjustable tint color and alpha on door windows
  • All included animations can be modified in Unity
  • 4K PBR textures (Unity 5, set to 2K by default)
  • Includes albedo, metallic, normal, occlusion, and emission maps (Unity 5)

Documentation (Unity 5) | Documentation (Unity 3 & 4)

Holographic Screens Demo | Animation Demo



v1.3 (Unity 5)
– Added Unity 5 version
– Updated textures (PBR)
– 4K textures (set to 2K by default)
– Added animated wall console
– Added six various wall electronics

– Added new door model with animation and normal map (Door_02)
– Added wall light model with illumination map
– Added a variation of the control panel model with a customizable screen (includes 3 screen textures)
– Door_01 now includes animation and normal map
– Improved door frame texture for Door_01

– Added electrical box model
– Added door model
– Added new wall texture
– Added normal map for generator model
– Improved normal map for Floor_01