Background Alien Skyscrapers with Transit System

Background Alien Skyscrapers with Transit System

A package with low-poly alien skyscrapers and transit system intended for use as part of a background environment. Transit system includes modular highway and rail sections which can be used to build an infrastructure for a city background.

Key Features

  • 29 meshes
  • 42 prefabs
  • Modular transit system
  • Includes daytime and nighttime textures
  • Models share textures for reduced draw calls
  • Includes two texture resolutions (1024 and 2048)
  • Models range from 8-528 tris and 12-514 verts

Version 1.01 Documentation


Free Version

Free version with a few models included in the full version is also available.

Free Version Documentation


Full Version Changelog

– Added nighttime textures